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Dan Poydenis Attends the Green and SRI Investing Symposium

Sea Oak Capital, LLC
April 23, 2019, 10:00AM ET

VERO BEACH, FL., April 23, 2019 – Dan Poydenis, CEO of Sea Oak Capital, LLC (“Sea Oak”), attended and presented at the Information and Management Network’s 7th Annual Green and SRI Investing Symposium on April 9 in New York City. Formerly known as the Annual Green Investing Conference, the symposium focused on multiple pillars of socially responsible investing including the role of securitization in financing renewable energy projects, community solar, PACE and Green Bonds.

Mr. Poydenis spoke on the panel titled Community Solar: All for Sun and Sun for All where he discussed topics including the effect government support has on the growth of a community solar program, avenues for funding community solar projects and strategies for removing offtaker risk for developers and lenders.

More information on all the sessions and speakers at the symposium can be found HERE.

“Sea Oak’s attendance at the Green and SRI Investing Symposium underscores our dedication to socially responsible investing,” said Dan Poydenis, Chief Executive Officer of Sea Oak. “State level community solar programs are driving growth in the solar industry and we are excited to structure investments that allow anyone to benefit from solar regardless of the condition of their roof or the availability of land.”

Sea Oak is a tax-efficient private equity firm specializing in renewable energy investments that can self-monetize the investment tax credits and depreciation benefits generated by such projects. The firm acquires operating and substantially developed photovoltaic projects through a variety of transactional structures. It also deploys development capital to qualified partners in order to enhance its pipeline by partnering with project originators and developers early in a project’s life. Sea Oak is currently focused on project opportunities 500KW and larger with a geographic focus of the continental US. The firm is actively pursuing projects with various design and offtake configurations, including community solar and battery storage.